A full ground-up redesign of the Inwards website. I worked with the client to polish this final design, and ensure all pages were consistent and in keeping with their company's branding and Pantone colour scheme.
Home page
The aspect I had the most personal involvement with was the page for New Yacht Models. To reflect the high-value, luxury nature of the product, a more flashy and visual look was required. As such, this pages make heavy use of full-width image galleries and videos, and detailed schematics and details for each yacht. The sidebar seen below can be collpased to the top of the page, allowing full, unobstructed view of the imagery.
Internal photo gallery (the "External" gallery is functionally identical).
The "Videos" view.
The "Layout" gallery, for diagrams of the yacht. In this screenshot, the menu panel is closed, to give better view of the gallery.
Finally, the "Technical Data" page, providing raw stats on each yacht.

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